To facilitate a quick, accurate reservation, please provide the following information:

  • Passenger name and account name
  • Date, day, pick-up time and trip information
  • Pick-up address, phone number and email address
  • Drop-off address or airport, airline and flight number
  • Type of vehicle required: sedan, stretch limousine, SUV, 10 passenger corporate van, 12/15 passenger executive van, 24/31 passenger mini-coach, or 49/55 passenger motor coach
  • Your name, contact phone number, cell number and any special instructions
  • Payment details


Please Note: Chauffeurs cannot accept reservations or changes to reservations.

Please call our 24-hour call center at (800) 637-3373.


Airport Arrivals

Whenever possible, a call will be made to the passenger’s cell number before arrival to confirm that the chauffeur has arrived at the airport and to advise his/her location in the terminal which will normally be:


  • Domestic Flights: At luggage carousel (where permitted)
  • International Flights: Outside of Customs


The chauffeur will have a sign with the passenger’s name displayed on it.


If the passenger is unable to locate his/her chauffeur, it is their responsibility to call our 24-hour Dispatch Department at (800) 637-3373 who will be pleased to arrange contact. We regret to advise that should the passenger leave the location, without calling our office, a no-show charge will be applied.


Delayed Arrivals

We track all flights through our Flight View program connected to the FAA Data Center and will re-schedule the pick-up at the passenger’s destination when flights are delayed, based on the latest available estimated time of arrival. Please be aware that our chauffeurs require a minimum of ninety minutes notice for pick-ups at all U.S. airports. In the event that the flight is further delayed after he/she has been dispatched, waiting charges could apply.


Plane Diversion Policy

Flights can be diverted due to technical difficulties or bad weather. Vitesse Worldwide cannot be held liable for extra charges incurred due to a flight diversion. If a diversion occurs, please try to contact our 24-hour Dispatch Department at the earliest opportunity once the flight has landed at (800) 637-3373 to let us know if you wish your vehicle to wait at your destination or to be released. We will also attempt to make contact with the passenger, or the person who made the reservation, to obtain instructions. If no contact is possible, the chauffeur will wait until the flight arrives and we will charge accordingly, including any wait time. In the event that the chauffeur was already at the airport when the flight is diverted and he/she is eventually released by the passenger, the charge will be the rate from the airport to our base plus waiting time, tolls and parking fees where applicable.


Please note that it might be possible to claim any charges that you incur as a result of a diversion from your airline.


Cancellation / No-Show Policy: Please be sure to obtain and retain your cancellation number. Failure to call will result in a No Show charge.

DOMESTIC (within the continental USA): all times are relative to local time of the pickup location

Sedan/Stretch: Sedan must be cancelled two hours prior to scheduled pick-up time for most U.S. locations.


SUV/Van: SUV, Van & Limousines must be cancelled five hours prior to scheduled pick-up time for most U.S. locations. Late cancellations for Sedan, SUV, Limousine, and Van will result in a late cancel charge of two hours, at the rate for the vehicle type.


Mini-Bus: Mini-Bus must be cancelled 7 days in advance for most U.S. locations. The late cancellation charge for a Mini-Bus is $300USD.


Motor Coach: Motor Coach must be cancelled 14 days in advance for most U.S. locations. The late cancellation charge for a Motor Coach is 50% of the total trip cost.

If the cancellation occurs when the vehicle is enroute or on location a full no-show charge will apply which includes gratuity and all applicable fees (parking, tolls, wait time, etc.).


INTERNATIONAL (outside of continental USA): all times are relative to local time of the pickup location

Sedan/Stretch: Sedan must be cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled pick-up time.


SUV/Van: SUV, Van & Limousine (or similar in capacity) must be cancelled 72 hours prior to scheduled pick-up time.


Mini-Bus & Motor Coach: Mini-Bus & Motor Coach must be cancelled 14 days in advance prior to scheduled pick-up time.

A late cancellation/no-show will result in a full charge for all vehicle types, which will include gratuity and all applicable fees (parking, tolls, wait time, etc.).


Extra Charges

  • Tolls, parking, chauffeur’s 20% gratuity and STC (variable fuel cost)
  • Additional stops in the same town or airport are $10.00 each and out-of-town stops are $15.00 each
  • An additional charge of $20.00 will apply for pick-ups and drop-offs between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m.
  • A surcharge of $20.00 will apply for trips on six major annual public holidays
  • In New York City, there is an additional charge of $10.00 for trips below 34th Street
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice


Hazardous Driving Conditions

Vitesse Worldwide’s No. 1 priority is always the safety and security of our passengers, chauffeurs and vehicles.


Our policy is never to compromise when safety becomes an issue. Each severe weather event produces its own special conditions so it is not possible to define a hard-and-fast rule that covers every set of circumstances. However, to ensure our client’s safety during a severe weather event that causes hazardous driving conditions, we will implement the following policy.


We will monitor the weather forecast constantly for at least 24 hours prior to the arrival of a major storm to assess its strength and to evaluate the impact that it is expected to have on road conditions. If blizzard conditions, flooding, hurricane force winds or other types of severe weather are confirmed for the area, we will consult with the State Police or local authority. A decision, based on our professional judgment and the advice that we have received, will then be taken to continue to operate as normal or to cease operations. We will only cease operations when conditions are forecast to be extremely hazardous.


Once the decision to cease operations is made, we will attempt to contact every one of our customers affected by the decision by all the means at our disposal to inform them and to offer to re-schedule them on an alternative day. However, if contact is unsuccessful or if a customer is already on a flight to his/her destination, we will make every effort to arrange a pick-up to ensure that they are not stranded, especially at an airport.


When severe weather is forecast, we strongly advise our customers with flight reservations to maintain close contact with their airline for information on their flight status. We will re-instate our operation as soon as conditions improve and the roads are safe for travel once again.


While we value our client’s business extremely highly, we value their safety even more.


Terms And Conditions

Once the credit application is approved, the applicant hereby agrees to and accepts the following terms and conditions:


  • Full payment shall be due upon receipt of statement.
  • Failure to make payment in full within ten (10) days of statement closing date will subject applicant’s account to a finance charge which will be computed on the average daily balance at a monthly rate of one percent (1%) (Annual Percentage Rate of 12%).
  • If payment is in arrears in excess of ten (10) days, we reserve the right to charge against the credit card used as back-up security for the account.
  • In the event that the account remains unpaid and legal fees and costs are incurred by Vitesse Worldwide relating to the collection thereof, the applicant agrees that they shall be liable for any and all such reasonable legal fees and costs, in addition to any outstanding balance.
  • The applicant hereby agrees that the usual credit inquiries may be made, and they authorize Vitesse Worldwide to obtain such information they may require from whatever sources deemed necessary concerning any statement made on the credit application. The applicant certifies that the credit application statements are true, correct and complete.
  • Vitesse Worldwide is not responsible for personal property left in our vehicles.

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