Formed by the hands and tools of the artist our sculptures are the perfect mix of detailed and abstract that is functional in a variety of settings.  Glass performs an elusive balancing act in this collection of glass sculptures and chandeliers.  Accent a space, create elegant awards, or give as a stunning and eye-catching gift.



Over 70 Pieces of hand blown piece of glass.  This colorful chandelier comes in any color combination you choose.

Multi-color Confetti Chandelier

Dia 44" x H 48"

4-G9 40 watt Bulbs

Price (as shown): $4,950.00


This item can be customized into your color choices and size.

As seen, comes in over 100 pieces of hand-blown glass.

Multi-color Grande Fiore chandelier

Dia 33" x H 32"

6-G9 40 watt bulbs

Price (as shown): $5,550.00

Price for small size: $3,750.00


Item No.: SC2009

Hand-blown glass table top

Item No. SC2009

W: 6.5"  H: 23"

Price: $495.00


Blue Equilibrium

Hand-blown glass table top

Item No.: SC2010

W: 8"  H: 27.5"

Price: $405.00







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