The Vitesse Worldwide Green Program


  • Eco OptimizedOur Blade Exhaust products reduce our Carbon footprint
  • The MicroGreen oil filters reduce oil consumption, therefore reducing oil waste and carbon footprint
  • Continually adding Hybrid, FlexFuel and the brand new BlueTec/AdBlue system from Mercedes Benz to the fleet
  • EcoDriving (chauffeur training program to reduce fuel usage, CO2 emissions, rapid starts and stops, vehicle’s air conditioning usage and to use navigation plans, cruise control, and automated passes at tolls for fuel optimization)
  • Vehicle monitoring in real-time for excessive idle time, vehicle emission diagnostics and driving speed
  • State-of-the-art dispatching tools to reduce trips to the gas pump
  • Go Green Initiative (paperless operation)
  • CO2 Stats (our new website uses audited, renewable energy from solar and wind farms to neutralize our carbon footprint without interfering with the security and functionality)
  • Our call center utilizes CFL light bulbs, recycled water bottles, and recycled paper products
  • Climate Leaders (Setting the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Management)


We are working with agencies founded by industry veterans, environmental leaders and government partnerships. These agencies assess and implement specific strategies that include aggressive GHG and CO2 reduction goals, management plans that mandate annual progress reports to the US EPA and the utilization of state, regional and international policies to reduce our environmental impact.


Vitesse is dedicated to providing luxurious executive car service that pampers our clients and the environment.


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