Vitesse Worldwide welcomes the opportunity to shape the next generation of corporate and luxury leisure travel with industry partners who share our exacting standards.


We create the same hassle-free approach for our industry partners as we do for our clients. Industry partners have the choice of making reservations for personal and business travel, road shows, meetings, events, and private aviation directly through their existing online GDS booking system, on our Web site, or by email or phone. Our contact center is staffed 24/7 for your booking convenience.


From our seamless reservation process to the availability of our dedicated account management systems, our goal is to provide all our industry partners and clients with the ability to make bookings, access records and maintain efficient and accurate control over their transportation budgets, online and with maximum confidence.


British AirwaysHyatt

Five Star AllianceLuxe D'Europa


For more information or establish a new account, please contact our sales department at (800) 637-3373 or email

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