MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal | Aug-31-09


Our survey shows:

What Executive Travelers Rate as Worst:

  • Herd-like treatment by travel and lodging staff.
  • Security systems that are dehumanizing, disrespectful, and embarrassing.
  • Steerage-like treatment on airlines, even in first class.
  • Angry, abusive and disinterested staff, from limousine drivers to flight attendants.
  • Frequent flight cancellations and delays.


What Executive Travelers Rate High on their Lists:

  • A concierge service with knowledge of their personal preferences from type of vehicle to class of room.
  • Well-coordinated scheduling from chauffeured limousine, private jet to V.I.P. access to events/restaurants.
  • A personal steward contact ready to serve their needs at a moment's notice.
  • A security detail when traveling in dangerous parts of the world.


"What comes through loud and clear is that an executive traveler isn't asking for high-priced services as much as high touch," says Shawn Abaspour, CEO of Vitesse Worldwide. "This alone can turn the hassle of business travel into a pleasant, safe and productive experience.”

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