Sep. 2011


U.S. Limousine Worldwide and Royal Falcon Aircraft Charter have been serving the travel needs of CEOs and corporate executives of Fortune 1000 companies and the entertainment industry in the USA and around the world successfully for over 25 years. Together, they have grown in to a leading global force, creating the premier standard for executive travel on the ground and in the air and so to capitalize on this achievement they have decided to combine all of their worldwide resources in to an exciting new company to be called Vitesse Worldwide with headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.


Vitesse Worldwide Phoenix OfficeShawn Abaspor, a skilled and experienced FAA certified commercial pilot and the founder of U.S Limousine Worldwide and Royal Falcon Aircraft Charter will be the President & CEO of Vitesse Worldwide. He is a highly respected and experienced entrepreneur of a range of successful business ventures and corporate travel management companies. After a quarter of a century of understanding and delivering exclusive services to elite business travelers, his objective for Vitesse Worldwide is to bring a fresh and innovative approach to the world of corporate travel. In addition to chauffeured services and aircraft charter, the new company will offer a wide range of world class services including white glove concierge and security detail services while extending its global reach to serve over 600 major cities in 75 countries globally. In addition, Vitesse Worldwide will immediately strengthen its presence on the West Coast by the opening of a new regional office in Phoenix, Arizona on September 15.


Vitesse Worldwide Training CenterRoy Barnes, a former senior executive with British Airways with unrivalled international experience and a seasoned travel industry professional who has been managing the combined operations of U.S Limousine Worldwide and Royal Falcon Aircraft Charter for the last ten years will become Sr. Vice president of Operations East Coast.


In addition, Vitesse Worldwide has announced the appointments of Jeff Conly, Mary Thompson and Bita Ramkar to their executive team.  Conly, with over 20 years in the transportation industry has been named Sr. Vice President of Operations West Coast based in Phoenix.  Jeff is renowned industry-wide as a leader in strategic planning for building successful transportation businesses having previously developed a flagship operation at ExecuCar with Arizona’s largest fleet. 


Mary Thompson has been named Vice President of National Sales. Thompson has been in the ground transportation industry for over 25 years and has considerable sales and management experience as a result of previously owning her own business as well as holding positions with Carey International and CLS Transportation. 


Bita Ramkar will be the Managing Director of the Vitesse Concierge Services. She has an MBA and an extensive background in marketing, events and tradeshows as well as customer relations management.


For more information about Vitesse Worldwide, please visit www.vitesseworldwide.com.


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