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World travel is exciting, but crowded airports… not so much. Chartering a private flight provides a great way to avoid the busiest airports worldwide. Fortunately, many globally ranked international airports make an ideal option for private jet flights, ensuring easy and comfortable travel experiences. 

While booking your private world travel experience, check out our favorite airports for private aviation. Then, book an aircraft charter by Vitesse to make your experience even more special. We offer options for different models of private jets and helicopters to simplify your travel logistics.

8 Best Globally Ranked Airports for Private Jets

Many clients hoping to charter our jets want to know the best private airports available to land their aircraft. Check out our eight favorite globally ranked airports for private aviation below. These airports not only separate commercial and private traffic but also provide plenty of fixed-base operations (FBOs) for refueling, maintenance services, lounges, and refreshments.

Teterboro Airport, New Jersey (TEB)

Located only 11 miles from New York City, Teterboro Airport (TEB) offers an ideal start or end point for world travel from the Big Apple. The 100,000-lb-per-aircraft weight limit essentially guarantees that commercial traffic won’t clutter these runways.

Teterboro also provides some of the best amenities of any of the top-ranked private jet airports worldwide. With five FBOs to accommodate many private flights, only Paris Le Bourge outranks this elite private airport.

Dubai World Central, United Arab Emirates (DWC)

The newly constructed Dubai World Central (DWC) offers an ideal travel experience or pitstop for flights visiting Europe, Asia, and Africa. The airport’s four FBOs offer luxury amenities for all travelers. Choose Dubai World Central to avoid the crowds at Dubai International.

Paris Le Bourget, France (LBG)

While Paris Le Bourget (LBG) does offer some space for general aviation, its separate private jet airport offers the highest-rated amenities of any private airport in the world. With seven FBOs providing passenger amenities and maintenance services, flying through Paris Le Bourget ensures comfort and class.

Paris Le Bourget facilitates high levels of private aviation traffic every day. With three runways for private jet charters and top-notch air traffic control, this airport won’t keep you waiting on the tarmac when you want to continue on to the next leg of your journey.

London Luton Airport, UK (LTN)

London Luton Airport (LTN) maintains the most active private jet amenities of any airport in the UK. With three FBOs to service passengers and flights, your experience at this international private jet airport should be smooth and comfortable.

This British airport also brings passengers close proximity to the center of London. Private jet passengers can get to prime neighborhoods in London quickly by car or on a short 30-minute train ride.

Van Nuys Airport, Los Angeles (VNY)

As one of the world’s most well-known private airports, Van Nuys Airport (VNY) serves as the gateway to Hollywood for many celebrities and public figures. It’s also a popular location for film shoots, but don’t worry. This airport doesn’t skimp on amenities. Located only 20 minutes from Hollywood, the private runways and four FBOs servicing this airport make it one of the most ideal airports for private aviation.

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport, France (NCE)

Traveling to the French countryside? Enjoy stunning views of France’s mountains and oceans when landing at the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport (NCE).

Enjoy a short 13-minute drive to the French Riviera from the airport or take a helicopter link to Monaco. Regardless, you’ll feel pampered and comfortable with the airport’s luxury FBOs.

Rome Ciampino, Italy (CIA)

The Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) is perfect for business and leisure travelers, with 24-hour operations and a short 30-minute drive to Rome’s city center. While Fiumicino is a common choice for private travelers in Italy, Ciampino’s reputable FBOs make this airport our preferred choice.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland (ZCH)

As the largest airport for both commercial and private flights in Switzerland, Zurich Airport (ZCH) offers diverse amenities for all passengers. Its location makes the 25-minute drive into the center of Zurich a cinch.

Hire Luxury Aircraft Charters From Vitesse

Whether you need to book your next international getaway or want to know the best United States airports for private jets, Vitesse curates an unforgettable jet chartering experience. Our diverse fleet offers many options, from very light jets to airliner VIP experiences that can hold hundreds of guests. Flying a Vitesse Worldwide private jet charter ensures you get where you’re going safely and in style.

For more information about the best airports for private aviation or to book your private jet charter, call Vitesse at (203) 327-9447 today!


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