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Vitesse Worldwide donates annually to the following organizations: 

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Vitesse Worldwide regularly donates every year to the following organizations.


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Vitesse Worldwide is supporting our Chamber Members, and Future Members in the business community, by generously donating 3,000 face masks.

Vitesse Worldwide donated Bus Travel to Habitat for Humanity regularly.

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Green Program

Vitesse Worldwide is dedicated to  building more environmentally friendly processes and practices in its ground transportation service.  Some of our initiatives include:

Reducing Carbon footprint with Blade Exhaust products lessen the environmental impact

Reducing oil consumption using MicroGreen oil filters

Adding Hybrid, Flexfuel, BlueTec/AdBlue and electric vehicles, such as Tesla, are available in certain markets globally

EcoDriving: Chauffeur training to reduce fuel usage, CO2 emissions, rapid starts and stops, air-conditioning usage and using navigation plans, cruise control, and automated passes at tolls for fuel optimization

Vehicle monitoring in real-time to watch excessive idle time, vehicle-emission diagnostics and driving speed including implementation of state-of-the-art dispatching tools to promote fuel efficiency