What Types of Companies Use Aircraft Charters?

Frequent traveling for business is necessary for a thriving career in many professions. Considering that many business travelers fly on private jets, you might wonder who uses aircraft charters. The answer may surprise you.

At Vitesse, we offer private, helicopter, and group aircraft charters for various groups, from VIPs to Fortune 500 executives to entertainers. We take a client-centric approach to our services. Here, we explore some of the business industries that reserve business aircraft.

Who Uses Aircraft Charters?

Who Uses Aircraft Charters?

Luxury Travel Companies

Not everyone who uses aircraft charters is flying on a corporation’s dime.

Some luxury travelers may find first-class on a commercial flight suitable for their travel needs, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Luxury travel enterprises like cruise companies, resorts, and five-star hotels often book private jets for their high-end clients traveling from afar.

By chartering a private aircraft, travelers can get close to vacation destinations that might be far from commercial airports. Some private airports are on the outskirts of metropolitan areas, so luxury travelers likely won’t get stuck in traffic en route to their final destination. They can save precious time with these accommodations.

Private Security Companies

Affluent people, politicians, entertainers, and celebrities with private security might encounter security issues if they fly on a crowded commercial flight. Whether they need to discuss confidential topics, want to avoid potential theft of personal belongings, or prefer not to engage with fans, commercial airlines are not always suitable for these types of flyers.

Private security firms understand these risks, so they often book private aircraft charters to ensure the safety and comfort of their clients. Security personnel and charter operators have the passengers’ best interests in mind and can better assess potential risks and problems on private jets.

Fortune 500 Companies

It’s no surprise that Fortune 500 companies regularly charter business aircraft. These companies are often the first businesses that come to mind when considering who uses chartered aircraft. Executives for these enterprises frequently travel by private jet to accommodate their packed schedules.

Besides the convenience of reaching destinations quickly and on time, Fortune 500 companies also use chartered aircraft due to their operational efficiency. Business travelers can travel at their own pace and schedule stops at airports that commercial airlines cannot access. These benefits allow personnel to make their meetings in various locations and get home quickly.

Government Agencies

It is common for U.S. government agencies like the CIA and FBI to charter private jets to travel quickly to different states and countries while working cases. Traveling by car is not always practical. Neither is it ideal to book a commercial flight, wait in long security check lines, and discuss the case aboard a plane full of civilians.

With chartered aircraft, government officials can quickly reach their destination with the privacy and security they need to do their jobs. Other government officials who utilize private jets include members of Congress, the President’s cabinet, and senators. These aircraft are more secure and convenient than flying commercial.

What Are the Benefits of Booking a Business Aircraft?

What Are the Benefits of Booking a Business Aircraft?

Traveling for business on a commercial airline is not the wrong way to get from Point A to Point B. However, reserving an aircraft charter is a surefire way to elevate air travel experiences, which is why many companies elect for private jet charters.

On a private aircraft, you can fly in luxury with little interaction with other travelers unless you prefer to engage with others. Commercial flights offer first-class seating with conveniences like WiFi and extra leg room, but private aircraft are substantially more spacious and less crowded with better amenities.

Business travelers also enjoy the privacy and security they receive when flying on a private business aircraft. All aircraft staff members are discrete, highly trained in customer service, and understand security protocols that allow professional passengers to conduct business during the flight.

Turn to Vitesse for Your Corporate Aircraft Charter Accommodations

At Vitesse, it doesn’t matter who uses aircraft charters because we offer every client the best luxury aviation and ground transportation services. After 35 years in the business, we know how to pay close attention to detail to ensure every passenger has a pleasurable business traveling experience full of comfort, luxury, and reliability.

Call Vitesse today at 203-327-9447 to inquire about aircraft reservations for your next business trip.


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