How to Make the Most of Corporate Travel

Frequent business travelers learn how to make the most of corporate travel after several trips. Unfortunately, some corporate travelers find constant traveling to be an uncomfortable hassle. However, knowing the best preparation steps before making air or ground travel arrangements will aid in your business trip’s success.

Vitesse is a world-class air and ground transportation company offering a 360 approach to each client’s travel experience. We frequently transport entertainers, luxury travelers, and senior executives in 101 countries. Below, we have several tips to help you enhance your corporate travels.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Corporate Trips

Join Rewards Programs

Start with rewards programs if you want to learn how to make the most of corporate travel. Your selected airline or travel credit card may have programs offering incentives to make your trip more pleasurable, which means you can fully concentrate on business matters.

For instance, your credit card may offer cash back incentives or discounts when you use the card with specific merchants. If you join a program with an airline and collect points or miles with every trip, you could use them to upgrade your seating, amenities, or overall travel experience.

Pack Essentials in Carry-On Luggage

Carrying heavy, oversized luggage through a new city or country can be cumbersome, especially if you are only in town for a couple of days. Instead, stick to a high-quality carry-on bag with essential belongings. Be sure to pack casual garments and business attire so that you can explore the new city or country during your off-time.

Preparing a bag with necessary toiletries, spare chargers for electronic devices, and office supplies is also helpful. Keep the bag stocked between travels to cut down on time spent packing.

Consider TSA PreCheck®

If you intend to travel via a commercial flight or on a chartered jet with more than 60 passengers, you must go through TSA. Security checkpoints can be long and uncomfortable, but you can minimize the hassle by signing up for TSA PreCheck.

TSA PreCheck is an expedited security screening program that assesses a passenger’s risk before arriving at the airport’s checkpoint. Global Entry is another screening program to consider joining. Both options allow you to move through security checkpoints and customs faster, which means you won’t have to waste time waiting in long lines or going through multiple screenings.

Book Non-Stop Flights

It may be cheaper to book flights that have multiple stops or layovers. However, layovers mean you’ll spend more time traveling, making a short corporate trip feel too rushed or hectic.

Consider booking non-stop flights to minimize travel time. You could also charter a high-end jet to transport you to your out-of-town business meeting or conference in style and comfort with luxury amenities. With a private aircraft charter, you’ll spend less time traveling, have more privacy to conduct business en route, and enjoy plenty of extras like spacious seating and WiFi.

Charge Electronics

Before your trip, charge your essential electronic devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops. You can be productive while traveling with a full charge on your devices. Though private accommodations may offer amenities like charging stations, ensuring that your business equipment has a full battery before a trip is an excellent habit to develop.

Avoid Jet Lag

Traveling long distances by plane can take a toll on your body, causing headaches and disrupting your normal sleep cycle. If you must fly across multiple time zones, consider sleeping on the plane instead of waiting until you reach your hotel room. Drinking plenty of water and eating meals according to local times also helps prevent jet lag.

Secure Ground Transportation

After making flight accommodations, you have to consider ground transportation. Booking a chauffeured car service means you can get to various destinations comfortably, safely, and on time without needing to navigate new roadways alone or rely on public transportation. The professional chauffeurs operate luxury vehicles and excel.

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