Five Noteworthy Events in Connecticut for 2023

Connecticut is the second smallest state in New England and consists of 5,018 square miles of rural and urban scenery. Despite its small size, Connecticut hosts numerous events that bring tourists and locals together for weeks of fun and memorable experiences. However, with so many upcoming events in Connecticut to choose from, figuring out which ones to attend isn’t always easy.

So Vitesse put together some of the best 2023 events in Connecticut that will make your next visit one to remember.

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Five Best 2023 Events in Connecticut

Connecticut is a bustling state full of fun events and activities that will please people from all walks of life. People can attend a festival at one of the ski resorts or a concert at a local music venue. With countless things to do and sights to see, Connecticut is ideal for your next family vacation or weekend getaway.

Below we list some of the best 2023 events in Connecticut.

1. 19th Annual Sun Wine & Food Fest Grand Tasting

The Sun Wine & Food Fest occurs on January 28th at the Earth Expo Center and sports over 1,000 wines, spirits, and beers. Attendees can sample various adult beverages and enjoy award-winning cuisines from some of Connecticut’s best chefs.

The 19th Sun Wine & Food Fest has two cooking stages, where celebrity chefs host demos to teach patrons how to improve their culinary skills. The event has something nearly any foodie, or drink enthusiast will enjoy and even offers discount tickets for designated drivers.

2. Cardboard Box Race

Connecticut’s cardboard box race takes place at the Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort on March 18th. Teams construct zany cardboard box sleds using only adhesives, paint, wax, and duct tape and compete head-to-head for various prizes and awards. It features several fun activities and competitions, including:

  • Best design
  • Funniest design
  • Fastest cardboard box

Anyone 12 years or older can participate in the event, making it perfect for a family outing or weekend excursion. However, participants must sign a waiver before competing in the activities.

3. Interstellar Rail Jam

Brownstone Adventure Sports Park hosts the Interstellar Rail Jam Competition on January 7th, 2023. Attendees can watch snowboarders compete for prizes in trick competitions while enjoying music from Disc Jockey Dispatch. The event is free to attend with the purchase of a lift ticket, and attendees can even participate in the competition if they desire.

The Interstellar Rail Jam will scratch the itch of adrenaline junkies and competitive snowboarders while giving spectators hours of thrills and excitement.

4. Winter Goat Strolls

People looking for a relaxing getaway with friends and family might want to consider Winter Goat Strolls at the Lyman Orchards. The Winter Goat Strolls begin on January 14th and allow patrons to roam the orchard with a cute goat. Attendees receive a complimentary bag of goat treats and a free apple cider donut from the Apple Barrel Market.

People of all ages will enjoy taking selfies and exploring the orchard with an adorable goat that will put a smile on their faces throughout the event.

5. Powder Ridge Pond Slush Cup

Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort hosts an annual Slush Cup every March, where snowboarders and skiers try to skim over a pond without falling into the icy water. Guests can enter the competition or watch daring attendees glide over the water in peculiar costumes. The event features multiple contests like Best Outfit and Best Skimmer, where people can win Powder Ride merchandise and other fantastic prizes.

Like the Interstellar Rail Jam, the Slush Cup is free to attend with a purchase of a park ticket or season pass. Thrill seekers of all ages will enjoy watching wacky skiers and snowboarders compete in a one-of-a-kind competition they won’t forget anytime soon.

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