10 Amazing Worldwide Events That a Jetsetter Should Not Miss in 2023

To leave your mark in 2023, attend worldwide events where you’ll be seen and heard. You’ll leave a great impression by making your presence known at some of the most renowned destinations hosting elite events. 

When you travel to attend exciting events, aircraft charter by Vitesse can safely transport you in style and comfort. But where will you go in 2023? As a discerning traveler, you require iconic locations that combine memorable moments with panache. Discover worldwide events where you can rub shoulders with other influential people in myriad industries.

#1 Frankfurt Fashion Week

From January 10th through 13th, you can begin the New Year by immersing yourself in new high fashion. Glam, class, and sophistication will inspire your 2023 wardrobe. From imaginative outfits to elegant dresses, you’ll discover new ways to make a big impression for the rest of the year. Additionally, the living art of fashion never falls out of style.

#2 Critics Choice Awards

Few events demonstrate your intimate acquaintance with modern media than the Critics Choice Awards. On January 15th, this iconic awards ceremony features musicians, films, and television shows as nominees. Each demonstrates a high level of artistry in the pantheon of modern culture. However, only a few nominees will win. Experience this intense worldwide event live and in person in 2023.

#3 Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder

2023 marks the 100th year of Disney’s influence and artistry in American media. Its parks, films, and shows are loved globally. Each has shaped numerous generations of youth. On January 27th, you can help kick off the celebration at Disneyland in California. Be among the first to enjoy new events and attractions. Help continue Disney’s century-old traditions of magic, fairy tales, and childhood charm.

#4 Super Bowl LVII

Millions of Americans will watch the Super Bowl from home. However, few will attend this iconic sporting event in person. You should be among the few. On February 12th, ensure you and yours are in Glendale, Arizona, for this annual event. Enjoy a seminal performance from the pop music superstar Rihanna while participating in the emotion, camaraderie, and ceremony associated with every Super Bowl.

#5 95th Academy Awards

As one of the most anticipated worldwide events, the 95th Academy Awards dictates which films are worth honoring globally. Enjoy them in person on March 12th to discover which films hit the mark in 2023. Movies from all around the world received nominations. Therefore, the Academy Awards showcase culture and talent from a  global perspective.

#6 Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Few event locations are as mod and chic as Tokyo, so attending Rakuten Fashion Week in Tokyo is a must. You’ll enjoy authentic Japanese culture in one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The main event lasts from March 13th through 18th. With Japanese fashion influencing local styles, you can boast that you’re in the know about upcoming clothing trends.

#7 Grand National

The Grand National horse race takes place in England, an area known for its cultural refinement and subtlety. On April 15th, you can immerse yourself in the excitement, sophistication, and elegance so loved by the royals. Prepare for three days of races, betting, upscale cocktails, and conversation. Each of these is a staple of old English culture.

#8 Kentucky Derby

Perhaps business affairs get in the way of experiencing the Grand National. Perhaps you just want a second dose of horse racing. Either way, you can attend the Kentucky Derby on May 6th. This horse race has historical and cultural relevance in America. Become a part of 149 years of tradition with your most welcome attendance.

#9 Coronation of King Charles III and Camilla

The death of the iconic Queen Elizabeth II shook the world. Her 70-year reign made her a cornerstone of the British past and present. However, King Charles III receives his crown on May 6th. You will never experience a worldwide event quite like this again. Become a part of history by attending the coronation.

#10 Eurovision Song Contest

Produced by the European Broadcasting Union, the Eurovision Song Contest provides an avenue for contestants to put their vocal talents to the test. After World War II, this contest became an annual fixture to promote unity among European Countries. From May 9th through 13th, you can sit in on this living history.

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