How to Book a Limo Successfully

If you’re throwing a party or attending a big event, you might be researching limousines. If you’re wondering how to book a limo and get the most for your money, keep reading. Vitesse provides professional and luxurious ground transportation services and wants to help you enjoy your experience in a limo.

How to Book a Limo

Use the following tips to successfully book a limo.


Every limousine service should carry several types of insurance for both their benefit and yours. Before you book, confirm they carry the following types of insurance:

  • General liability
  • Black car
  • Limousine
  • Personal injury coverage

If the company refuses to provide the information or seems like they’re obfuscating, find a different transparent company to work with.

Confirm Registration and Licenses

If a limo company doesn’t register as a business, it not only means they don’t take their work seriously, but it’s also a red flag they don’t understand the liabilities and risks involved with transportation services.

Each driver should also receive their chauffeur’s permit from the DMV, which proves they took the corresponding written test. Confirm with the company they only employ licensed drivers, and check with your Secretary of State to make sure they’re registered as a legitimate business.

Compare Prices

When you want the best experience, you also want the best price. Compare prices among several companies to confirm you’re getting the best deal. Consider asking the following questions:

  • Do you have any hidden fees or additional fees not covered in your initial quote, such as a drop-off fee, security deposit, or mini-bar fee?
  • Do you charge per hour, and do you have a minimum hour requirement?
  • Do you offer any special packages, deals, or complimentary services?
  • What other factors, such as time of day or type of limo, affect your prices?

Determine Availability

When considering how to book a limo, the availability of the company’s cars is an important consideration. Which limos the company can provide depends on several factors, such as:

  • How many people are in your party?
  • Which limo do you want? A stretch limo can have higher demand than an SUV limo, for example.
  • What day or time of year are you booking? If you’re riding during peak demand, you’ll have fewer options.
  • How big is the company’s fleet? Larger and more established companies will have more vehicles available to suit your needs.

Examine Experience

The experience of both the company as a whole and your limo driver is important. You can get a general idea of their qualifications by reading the reviews and testimonials of previous customers, both on the company website and on third-party platforms.

If you see a large number of reviews that are overall positive, they’re likely an established company that uses highly-qualified drivers. You can also ask about the company and its drivers when you schedule your limousine ride.

Preview Limo

Before you book, look at the pictures of your intended vehicle on the company’s website. While the company is sure to only show the best pictures, you’ll still have an idea of their limo’s quality.

After you schedule your limousine service, request to see the vehicle in advance. You should confirm you’re getting what you paid for and that the company maintains their vehicles and keeps them comfortable and in the best state. If the company doesn’t allow you to preview the limousine, they should provide a good reason.

Confirm Policies

Confirm you know all the company’s policies before you book. Ask about the following:

  • Do they allow alcohol, and what is their policy concerning the substance?
  • How do they approach reservations and cancellations?
  • If you find sustainable travel important, do they have any company procedures that make them eco-friendly?
  • How do they approach safety, security, and emergencies?
  • What happens if you’re not satisfied?
  • How do they handle damage to the limo?

Prepare Gratuity

Hiring a limo rental is similar to every other service in the United States; politeness dictates you tip your driver when they satisfy or exceed your expectations. When you book, ask if they include gratuity or what the drivers typically receive from customers.

Call Vitesse for Your Limousine Rental Needs

Now you know how to book a limo successfully and can enjoy the best experience possible. Vitesse has a wide variety of options for limos, including the classic Lincoln Stretch and a Cadillac. When you need to impress your guests or arrive at an event in style, you get the best with Vitesse.

With incredibly professional drivers that undergo PAX training for chauffeurs, Vitesse provides a superior limo experience. Call 203.327.9447 to learn about our services.


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