How to Choose the Best Chauffered Car Service Provider

A chauffeured car service is a wonderful way to travel in style to special events like weddings and nights out. The service is also ideal for corporate traveling and airport transfers for business trips. No matter your reasons for needing luxury ground transportation with a professional driver, finding the right service provider to meet your needs is best.

Finding the right ground transportation services can be challenging unless you know what to look for during your search. Before looking for a limousine service, use these tips to ensure your selected private transportation provider exceeds your expectations.

What to Look for in a Chauffeured Car Service

Every chauffeured car service provider is different. Each company upholds different business standards, maintains its own fleet of high-end vehicles, and has its own definition of high-class service. Researching luxury car service providers separates the best options from the unsuitable ones and ensures you choose the right option for your upcoming travel needs.

Here is a brief guide outlining what you should know or do before choosing your transportation service.


Word-of-mouth referrals are an excellent way to start researching chauffeured car services. Friends, neighbors, family, and work colleagues that enjoyed a previous black car service can refer you to the company. You’ll not only get the names of reputable luxury car services in your area, but you’ll also get to learn firsthand experiences from those who refer you.

Reviews from Previous Clients

When you get the name of a ground transportation provider, view their website online to read their reviews. Online reviews will shed more light on the company’s services, practices, fleet, and abilities. The reviews will also corroborate or dispute the details you learn from whoever refers the company to you directly.

Fleet Size

Your travel needs, the number of passengers, travel locations, and event type will determine the vehicle type you’ll need from a car service. Unfortunately, not every luxury vehicle service provider maintains the same type or number of vehicles. One company may specialize in stretch limousines, while another offers party buses and sprinter vans.

When researching chauffeured vehicle services, consider details about their fleet. Smaller companies tend to have limited choices and less availability. You may need to consider a larger company if you want a specialty luxury vehicle, a van or bus with extra seating, or a car reservation for a busy day.

Safety and Security

All chauffeurs should maintain safe driving standards and outstanding driving records. The car service should also inspect and maintain its fleet regularly to ensure each vehicle is safe for the road. Your safety should be their top priority, so only choose car service providers who employ drivers with outstanding credentials and have road-safe vehicles.

Chauffeur’s Appearance, Training, and Licensing

Chauffeurs for luxury car services should be the epitome of professionalism and class. These individuals should be well-dressed, properly groomed, fully licensed, and well-trained. The driver is responsible for taking you from point A to point B while providing unparalleled customer service.

If the chauffeur doesn’t embody professionalism, safety, or customer care, their company isn’t the right one for you.


The car service you select should be cost-effective as it relates to your budget. Some companies have flat upfront fees or charge by the hour. Sometimes, car service providers have a base fee with extra costs, depending on the services they provide.

It’s common to pay for fuel surcharges, gratuity, and administrative costs. Still, it’s best to work with a company with all-inclusive pricing so that you don’t pay more than you expect. All-inclusive pricing is also ideal if you intend to hire a professional driver for weekly or monthly traveling.

In-Person Assessment

Learning about a chauffeured vehicle provider online is beneficial, but it’s still good to visit the company for a face-to-face assessment. By visiting the business, you can check the vehicle and assess the company’s professionalism before signing a contract.

Enjoy Luxury Transportation with a Professional Chauffeur from Vitesse Worldwide

Vitesse Worldwide is a top Stamford, CT-based luxury transportation company with expertise, sharp attention to detail, and a fleet of high-end chauffeured vehicles to provide the perfect luxury travel experience for every client. Our ground fleet has late-model vehicles like the Lincoln Aviator, Tesla Model-S, and Lincoln stretch limos with many amenities. Our chauffeured car service upholds the highest luxury, customer care, and safety standards.

At Vitesse Worldwide, our drivers undergo PAX training and certification to ensure their ability to follow our high standards of luxury ground transportation.

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