The Difference Between Limo vs. Stretch Limo (2)

When renting a luxury vehicle with a professional chauffeur, a limousine is likely the first option to come to mind. Limos are the epitome of luxury ground transportation service with a long history of being the ride of choice for newlyweds, members of high society, executives, and other groups who prefer to ride in style. 

The limo vs. stretch limo discussion is one many people have when they need to reserve a luxury vehicle. Make the right decision for your next rental by learning the differences between these high-end cars.

Standard Limo vs. Stretch Limo

limousine is a broad term referring to a stylish, luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur. The idea of a limo goes back centuries, before the invention of motor vehicles. For generations, rich and influential people throughout society would travel in personal horse-led carriages, hidden away from the public’s view, while a professional coachman took them to their destinations.

Though taxis and cabs also include professional drivers who will take you anyplace you want to go, they are not the same as limos. Limousines are luxury vehicles with various amenities you wouldn’t find in a cab. These high-end vehicles are also available in several styles and size options, including party buses, stretch limos, SUVs, sedans, and town cars.

Standard Limo

It’s standard to reserve a regular limo or a stretch limo instead of a massive vehicle like an SUV limousine or party bus. Though people often debate about choosing a limo vs. a stretch limo, size is the primary difference. Though all types of limousines have different purposes, sizes, amenities, colors, and passenger compartment capacities, vehicle size is the primary difference between stretch and standard limousines.

The most common type of limo is the sedan. The vehicle can comfortably accommodate three people and is the preferred luxury ground transportation method for professionals, executives, VIPs, and business clients.

Sedan limousines are perfect discreet vehicles because they can blend well with traffic. Yet, they have plenty of seating space, legroom, and desirable luxury amenities like:

  • Stereo systems
  • Adjustable head restraints
  • Heated seating
  • Backseat air conditioning and heating

Stretch Limo

A stretch limo is a regular limo with an extended midsection and wheelbase, making it noticeably longer than a sedan. The average length is ten meters, including a three-meter midsection. Some ground transportation companies have fleets with longer stretch limos.

The passenger compartment of most stretch limousines can fit six to ten people comfortably. It’s the perfect choice if you intend to travel with a small group of people, like a wedding bridal party or colleagues during a business trip. These luxury vehicles are available to rent for any occasion.

A stretch limo often has better quality amenities than a regular limo. These limos could have similar amenities as a sedan variety and include others, like:

  • Bar amenities
  • Beverage refrigerator
  • Tinted windows
  • HD television screens
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Fiber optic lighting

You can also enjoy improved privacy in a stretch limo. Though these vehicles are more noticeable in traffic than sedans, a stretch limo’s tinted windows help shield passengers from the outside world. Passengers also have control of the glass panel separating their compartment in the back from the front of the vehicle where the chauffeur sits.

Choosing Between Different Types of Limousines

People often rent limos based on the number of people within their groups. If you’re in a four-person group, everyone may be more comfortable in a stretch limousine with plenty of legroom and seating space than in a standard limo. You could also travel in a stretch limo with another person to maximize space and comfort.

Stretch limousines are also romantic and make wonderful backdrops in pictures. Their appearance makes them excellent options for weddings, proms, and other special occasions. Sedan limos are best for daily luxury travel and business-related events like meetings.

Explore a Variety of Vehicles From Vitesse Today

No matter your opinions about the limo vs. stretch limo discussion, you can enjoy many luxury ground transportation choices with Vitesse. As a Stamford, CT-based luxury transportation company prioritizing reliability, comfort, excellence, and luxury, our chauffeured car service has the best customer service standards. Our ground fleet includes everything from corporate executive vehicles to stretch limos.

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