The Nine Best Private Jets for Business Travels in the United States

Private jet charters trump public plane travel, especially when you need to reach your destination quickly. Offering spacious cabins, private enclosed bathrooms, and comfortable seating, private business jets take the stress out of your traveling plans. 

Preventing jet lag and getting where you need to go quickly go hand in hand with successful business meetings and conferences. With business dealings happening in the blink of an eye, choose from the nine best private jets available for maximum comfort while arriving in style.

1. Eclipse 500

Classified as a very light jet, the Eclipse 500 offers a sound-proofed cabin perfect for private discussion. Four leather chairs provide comfortable seating, while the cabin’s wood trim matches the upscale feel of this small jet. For the ultimate comfort, you can utilize the Seamech vapor cooling and heat exchangers to control in-cabin temperatures.

The Eclipse 500 can travel up to 825 nautical miles at a speed of 426 miles per hour, allowing you to go far while indulging in luxury travel.

2. Cessna Citation M2

With its beautiful neutral interior design and facing leather passenger seats with superior lumbar support, you can comfortably take your business meetings in the air with the Cessna Citation M2. Each side of the jet sports multiple oval windows offering plenty of natural light, though you can use the manual shades to shut out the sun. The interior also provides cup holders, fold-out tables, and a chemical toilet in its enclosed lavatory.

This luxurious aircraft comfortably seats up to four passengers and has a range of 825 nautical miles.

3. Embraer Phenom 100E

As one of the most popular private jets for their speed, range, and stylish appearance, the Phenom 100E maximizes cabin space with interior design by BMW Group DesignWorksUSA. The automotive-style accents include upscale features like LED lights, single-piece sidewalls, and chrome strips on the floor. The soft leather seats and fold-out tables make it easy to enjoy your ride in this small but powerful jet that fits up to seven people.

4. Syber Jet SJ301I

Reach the edges of the world quickly and in style with the Syber Jet SJ301I. Among the best private jets in its class, the Syber Jet SJ301I offers seats made with the finest leathers, plentiful square-shaped cabin windows, and stylized side ledges with elevated cup holders above fold-out tables. For longer journeys, transform your chair into a comfortably reclined bed and nap the hours away.

5. Bombardier Learjet 70

Take your next business trip to a higher level with the Bombardier Learjet 70. This private jet provides ample comfort with its forward-club formation seating for nine and enclosed lavatory, complete with a sink and lighted vanity mirror. Technological features include touch-screen displays on the seats, an audio system with hidden speakers, and 20-inch fold-out tables for your executive needs.

With an impressive range of over 2,000 nautical miles, you can take this jet anywhere you need to go.

6. Embraer Legacy 450

Among the most popular private jets for their flight range, speed, and size, the Embraer Legacy 450 combines extreme luxury with quick travel and the largest-in-class cabin height of six feet and room for nine passengers. This jet offers technological amenities like high-speed data and Wi-Fi, full HD video, and surround sound. The Embraer Legacy 450 provides plenty of storage space, so you never have to leave anything behind.

With a range of almost 3,000 nautical miles, you can travel from one side of the country to the other all while enjoying exceptional luxury services.

7. Gulfstream G280

You can travel in a spacious cabin with bench seating and fold-out executive tables in the Gulfstream G280. With seats built out of premium materials and circular cabin windows, you’ll relax in the lap of luxury while considering your business dealings. For those trips with overnight hours, you’ll enjoy the quiet engines and fold-down sleeping accommodations that allow for comfortable, restful sleep.

The Gulfstream G280 fits up to ten passengers and has a significant range of over 3,000 nautical miles.

8. Gulfstream 600

Considered among the best private jets in the world, the Gulfstream 600 offers ultra long-range, incredible near-supersonic speed, and one of the quietest cabins in business jet designs. You can enjoy maximum natural light with fourteen windows, a well-proportioned seating layout that allows for plenty of legroom for up to nine guests, and elegantly appointed textiles and fine leathers. Passengers enjoy the freshest air with the lowest cabin altitude so they arrive refreshed and revitalized instead of suffering from jet lag.

9. Falcon 900LX/EX

If you need to transport your entire council or a team of business executives, the Falcon 900LX/EX offers plenty of room for comfortable long-distance travel. This heavy jet has an acoustically adjusted cabin for quieter flights, perfect for discussing your next big move in the business world. Passengers can also enjoy their choice of three lounge areas providing different seating styles than your typical private jet.

This luxury aircraft is ideal for larger business transport as it fits up to 19 people and has a range of nearly 4,000 nautical miles.

Enjoy Every Mile of Your Flight: Reserve a Private Luxury Jet From Vitesse

Choose from our variety of the best private jets available for your next business trip and enjoy a comfortable, stylish flight to your destination. Vitesse offers luxury transportation in the air and on the ground, providing a well-rounded upscale travel experience. Call (203) 327-9447 to learn more about Vitesse’s fleet of luxury air and ground vehicles.


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