Friends celebrating St Patricks day with drinks in a bar

If you’re ready to get out and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, consider hiring a private transportation company that can take your party on the road.

Celebrate in Style and Safety!

A quality private transportation party means celebrating with just a few family and friends and maybe even skipping the pub silliness. If you want to bring food and beverages with an Irish theme, do so! In the right vehicle, you can enjoy a cozy seating area in the back of the bus with leather couches and even a spot for dancing in the center and enjoying tables at the front for food and more intimate conversations.

What Can We Bring?

Your reserved party bus will offer ice, water, and privacy. You can bring finger food that is easy to share and adult or non-alcoholic beverages. You can also customize your space and your activities. The party bus offers programmable lighting to change up the mood. Green is traditional, but you can get creative!

Let’s Talk About Amenities

Your party bus will have an excellent sound system. When you send out invites, ask for music suggestions to promote a dance party in the open space at the back.

Your party bus also has a movie screen at the back where you and your friends can watch a film or even share photos from past parties. Again, gather suggestions when you send out your invites so your friends can make suggestions.

What About Pickups and Drop-Offs?

Because St. Patrick’s Day drives can be hazardous as the night goes on, the best option is to have everyone gather at a safe, well-lit spot and have the bus pick you up there. If you and your friends plan to imbibe, it may be safest to get a ride to the gathering spot and take another ride back home. Your driver will help schedule the pick-up on the night of your party.

Can We Get On and Off the Bus?

Absolutely! For example, if you want to grab something special at a restaurant, you can

  • hop off the bus and dine in
  • have takeout delivered to the bus by ordering before the party
  • set up scheduled stops at particular Irish pubs for a pint, an appetizer or both

It’s your night; just be aware that your driver will probably need to pull away to find a parking spot. You can store them on the bus if you bring bags, but ladies generally want to bring their purses with them.

What About Luggage?

The Vitesse Luxury Limo has space for 24 people and 40 bags. If you’re planning a night of dancing and fun, as well as some stops on and off the bus, you may want to bring

  • extra shoes
  • a wrap, shawl, or jacket
  • additional water bottles and extra food

This extra space for a small bag can also make your St. Pat’s party more family-friendly. For example, if children are also coming on the party bus, having a book or a blanket can increase the comfort and fun for little ones. Family party planners will especially love the movie screens at the back for little ones to enjoy as the bus rolls through the city.

Let the Professionals Drive!

St. Patrick’s original claim to fame was that he drove the snakes out of Ireland. To make sure that you aren’t driving yourself crazy trying to get around party-goers, parades, and drivers who may be making poor choices, hire the party bus. A professional driver who knows the city, the traffic concerns, and any temporary closures for the parade can make your celebrations much simpler and more enjoyable.

If you’re tired of socially distancing and ready to reconnect with a few friends, rent the party bus for a special night. Skip the pub scene, avoid the crowds, and have a great night with your favorite folks.


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