Top MICE Destinations in North America

When planning a business meeting, incentive, conference, or exhibition (MICE), a professional business event planner can help alleviate stress. Between social events, seminars, and workshops, your team deserves premier transportation so they can relax and enjoy every moment. Returning to their accommodations post-event should allow guests time to reflect on the day’s events comfortably and soak in what they’ve learned.

While part of corporate event planning involves scheduling transportation, this comes only after choosing your MICE location. The United States offers plenty of opportunities to combine luxurious travel with a large-scale MICE. Below we’ve collected information on the top MICE destinations in North America so you can start your business event planning with a location already in mind.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas provides the perfect backdrop for any professional event. Besides the city’s spectacular sights and magnificent entertainment options, the Las Vegas Convention Center attracts small and large-scale events year-round. With its 4.6 million square feet of event space, the venue accommodates every type of trade show, exhibition, and event planning company.

With meeting rooms for as few as 20 guests and expansive exhibition halls for thousands, The Las Vegas Convention Center offers space to suit any need. Once you’ve enjoyed your day at the Center, choose luxury transportation to one of the many corporate bonding experiences in the city. Las Vegas offers one-of-a-kind experiences ranging from paintball games to Dinner in the Sky; a delicious meal diners enjoy while hanging nearly 200 feet above the city.

New York City

The city that never sleeps offers many choices for gathering venues. Choose one of the city’s high-end hotels, reserve an exclusive lounge, or engage with one of New York’s upscale dining experiences for an event your associates will never forget. Impress elevated executives or your entire staff with a MICE in one of the country’s most famous cities.

New York remains one of the top-visited cities in the United States for its excellent entertainment, impressive skylines, and a gratuitous number of evening amusements. After concluding a meeting, conference, or trade show, you don’t have to race back to your hotel. Take luxury transportation and make the most of your visit to the Big Apple.

San Francisco

Besides its lustrous Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco offers multiple event venues. The South San Francisco Conference Center allows for gatherings of any size, offers an impressive catering menu, and provides support staff for events. The Moscone Center rivals the SSFCC with its dramatic glass walls, customizable catering, and special services, including a coat and luggage check.

The evening doesn’t have to end when your conference center sees you off. Plan travels to historic landmarks like Alcatraz or Coit Tower, or enjoy a beach day on Ocean Beach. However you choose to bond with your team, luxury transportation makes getting there and leaving easier and more comfortable for everyone.

Los Angeles

Seated against the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles breathes life into your meetings, trade shows, and conferences. The lively city offers the Los Angeles Convention Center for groups of all sizes, including everything from wide show floors to smaller meeting spaces. With professional catering, equipment, labor rentals, and multifunctional spaces to accommodate your wildest ideas, any business event planner makes their life easier by choosing Los Angeles to host.

Bring your associates closer with bonding experiences ranging from visits to famous amusement parks to a day spent on the beach. The Los Angeles landscape provides fun from the beaches to the mountaintops, so plan your adventures to make the most of the city’s bounty. Get around the city in safety, style, and comfort with luxury transportation.


The Windy City will blow you away with its vast array of event venues and after-event experiences. Planners with more significant events choose McCormick Place or the Navy Pier venues. Meanwhile, smaller groups may fit in a reserved hotel conference room or a dining space at one of Chicago’s upscale restaurants.

The fun and intrigue don’t end after your event does. Use your choice of luxury transportation to visit the many museums, historical sites, and other unique Chicagoan places. Use this time to grow closer with your associates and form stronger bonds that help you grow as a team.


The beautiful city of Dallas knows that it’s a top spot for conferences, trade shows, and other corporate events. Whether you choose an elegant restaurant, high-end hotel, or reservation at an event center, you can rely on the well-known Dallas charm to make your event all the more special. The city’s businesses help with every angle of your event, including catering, temporary staff, and other professional needs.

Dallas’s vibrant nightlife lets you keep the good times going after your conference or event. With more than 200 golf courses, a seven-acre ropes course, and an enormous indoor shooting range, everyone in your group can find a way to meld business and pleasure. Wrap up the evening with comfortable luxury transportation for the ultimate experience.

Plan Your Next Event at One of the Top Mice Destinations in North America

Whether you’re starting an event planning business or have the responsibility of a business event planner creating an unforgettable corporate event, these top MICE destinations make it easier to plan your trip from top to bottom. When you need a luxury jet or ground transportation to kick up the elegance, call Vitesse and (203) 327-9447 for the best in luxury vehicles.


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