Specializing in executive level business travel and corporate events, Vitesse knows the benefits of seeking out a professional transportation company. Below are some advantages the modern day business traveler or corporate event planner may find utilizing such experience.

Specializing in executive-level business travel and corporate events, the Client Services Team at Vitesse Worldwide knows the benefits of seeking out a professional transportation company. Below are just some of the advantages the modern-day business traveler or corporate event planner may find utilizing Vitesse Worldwide’s experience.

Seven Reasons to Use Professional Ground Transportation Services

1. Airport Transportation

Even in the current world climate, conducting face-to-face business is still a necessity. Out-of-state travel is tedious without suitable ground transportation arrangements. Booking a Vitesse Worldwide chauffeur allows you to relax to and from the airport to your office or home, instead of trying to find a last-minute for-hire car or taxi. Our chauffeurs are punctual and plan their routes ahead of time to navigate traffic and other road delays efficiently.

2. Company Outings and Meetings

Some events may require you to find corporate transportation solutions for up to 2,000 attendees. Having employees find their own transportation upon arrival may not be an option, and hiring conventional rideshares is impractical. Vitesse Worldwide offers a dedicated Meeting and Events Team to assist with the logistics from start to finish. From booking to billing, you will have nearly 40 years of corporate travel experience at your disposal to help organize and execute.

3. “One Stop Shop”

Imagine being able to schedule a chauffeur in any of our luxury vehicle options – from your home to your local airport, as well as when you arrive at your destination in Atlanta, Los Angeles, or any of over 1000 cities worldwide. Is chartering a private jet more suitable? We offer global aviation charter services. Entertaining a potential business partner and want to impress them? Our Concierge Service will get you tickets to an upscale restaurant, sporting event, or theater. What about protection service for your CEO traveling abroad? We offer Executive Protection service as well. Vitesse Worldwide is much more than just a ground transportation company. It’s your all-in-one solution specifically built around the evolving needs of modern-day business travel.

4. Safety and Reliability

For-hire cars can be unreliable, and you are entrusting your well-being with a driver, not a professional chauffeur. Booking with Vitesse Worldwide guarantees our clients two things: Your chauffeur will always be there to meet you when you arrive, and you will get to your destination safely. We only accept chauffeurs with a minimum of five years of corporate experience with a spotless background history. Chauffeurs are constantly being re-trained in customer service etiquette and defensive driving. Vehicles are cleaned and sanitized before and after each trip to protect the health of every single passenger that is transported in one of our luxury vehicles.

5. Cost Benefits

Becoming a regular customer of corporate transportation services saves you money. You can avoid surge prices for conventional transportation like rideshares and taxis. Corporate clients also take advantage of exclusive discounts for personal travel. After all, nothing beats a night on the town or a vacation to relax and recharge.

6. Save Time

Vitesse Worldwide serves 1000 cities across the globe, so even overseas travel can be scheduled with ease. No need to call for cars at multiple destinations. Reservations can be made 24 hours a day by our downloadable app or online booking tool. You can book, update, and track your chauffeur in real-time through our GDS system. Confirmations, trip status, and receipts are automatically sent to recipients of your choosing.

7. Be Productive…or not.

If you need to take a phone meeting or finish a report on the way to the airport, you can do so from the comfort of the back seat. You can choose to work so you don’t waste hours of the day or, if you prefer, simply put your earbuds in and close your eyes while listening to your favorite music.

Book Your Next Trip with Vitesse

Vitesse is a leader in corporate transportation services because we cater to the demands of our clients. Our service has been tailored to offer the most premium array of services so that our corporate clients can streamline their travel.

Why wait to get the luxury transportation you deserve? Don’t waste money on transportation solutions that offer only mediocre accommodations. Choose from a fleet of over a dozen vehicle options and put your needs first with Vitesse Worldwide. Contact Vitesse in Stamford, CT, to learn more about how we can assist you.


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