Have College-bound Children? Send Them Off With Flair

Attending a prestigious college or university is an honor for teenagers and their families. Many take the preparations seriously when children leave home to become full-time college students. Why not add some flair to your teen’s official college send-off by arranging private air or ground transportation for them?

As a doting parent, you want the best for your children, which a black car and private air charter service can provide. Consider the guide below to learn how these luxury travel and transportation accommodations can positively impact their big day.

Private Plane Travel for Kids Attending College

Not all children attend college close to home or in their state. Unfortunately, taking a commercial flight with your teen and all their belongings for their dorm can be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

That’s why you should consider giving your child’s travel accommodation a touch of comfort and style by reserving a private jet charter to take them to their school. Private charters allow your family to fly to thousands of airports in and out of the country according to your schedule. Your college-ready teen will enjoy traveling in a private aircraft surrounded by luxurious amenities, including features like:

  • Full-service kitchens
  • Full bathrooms
  • Spacious custom seating
  • State-of-the-art technology, like Blu-ray players, surround sound, wide-screen TVs, etc.
  • First-class service from a dedicated cabin crew
  • Plenty of personal and storage space

You and your family can travel comfortably to your child’s new college with a private aircraft. There is no need to rush or worry about having a bad trip due to other passengers.

Secure Ground Transportation for College-bound Kids

Once your private charter lands at its destination, you can continue the trip in luxury to your child’s college send-off experience by booking a black car service to take them from the airport to their dormitory. A luxury car service is also ideal for traveling to a local college or university by ground transport.

With a luxury sedan, van, or SUV, your child will enjoy the experience of having a professional chauffeur take them where they need to go. They will arrive on campus at their dorm, fraternity, or sorority house in style and on time. If you’re unfamiliar with the campus’s layout, you can rely on the knowledgeable chauffeur to take your teen to their destination.

Reasons To Send Your Children to College With Black Car Service

Black car ground transportation services offer many benefits for your college kid’s experience and your peace of mind.

Safety and Security

Black car transportation is a reliable source of safe travel accommodations. Renowned transportation companies that use late-model vehicles equip them with advanced security features for optimal road safety. The drivers also undergo strict vetting, training, and licensing requirements to ensure they can provide the safe and secure travel experiences you expect from first-class ground transportation.


Chauffeured luxury vehicles exude class and elegance, and they’re highly convenient. Since reputable car companies prioritize their passengers’ safety and ease of travel, you can be confident your child will arrive at their destination on campus safely and on time.

You have the option of driving or allowing your teen to drive themselves to university in a personal vehicle. However, you will have to navigate traffic and find parking. Reserving a car service avoids those issues and gives you and your college kid more time to spend together while someone else concentrates on driving.

Create a Lasting Memory

You and your child will forever remember the day you send them off to college to begin their transition into adulthood. By adding flair to their travel accommodations with a luxury air charter or black car service, they will arrive in style and comfort, knowing how much their parents care about them.

Private Transportation From Vitesse Is the Best Send-off for Your College-age Kids

Getting teens ready for college is a significant event for parents and their children. Add a sense of flair, luxury, and excitement to your college kid’s send-off by reserving a black car service or private air charter from Vitesse as they transition into college life.

As one of Stamford, CT’s top luxury private transportation services with worldwide reach, Vitesse offers top-class air and ground transportation services. Our skilled chauffeurs, professional concierge service, and pilots strive for excellence. With our careful consideration of your teen’s travel and transportation needs, you can be confident your college-bound child will have the experience to remember.

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