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Traveling can be exceptionally time-consuming, especially when you have important places to be. On average, daily commuters spend roughly 27 minutes driving or riding one-way to work, though extensive journeys can cause a 2-hour one-way commute every day. Combined with preparation for the travel, the traveling process, and current health, these commutes can be stressful.

Thankfully, executives have other options that prove to be faster, easier, and more comfortable. You can experience the joys of work-based transportation if you charter a jet from your preferred executive transport service. If you want jet charter services, contact Vitesse to arrange jet travel with all its benefits.

Top Five Reasons to Charter a Jet

As an executive in your business, B2B and B2C meetings can occur suddenly or in other states or countries. Chartering a jet has several benefits compared to other flight or ground transportation options.

#1. Reduced Travel Time

Traveling from city to city can be time-consuming and tedious, especially considering the unpredictability of traffic conditions. When you must make it to a corporate meeting, the last thing you want is unnecessary delays. Such time-wasting issues can reduce productivity and shorten the time to make pertinent decisions.

When you book with jet charter services, you book fast and efficient airborne transportation with exceptionally reduced traffic. A jet reduces travel times the most for places within 350 miles of your current location. They can reach up to 250 miles per hour, so you can arrive early without worrying about delays on the ground.

#2. Reduced Stress

Road rage plagues a large portion of the U.S. population due to poor driving habits and conditions, whether from other people or themselves. The calmest drivers can feel frustration at delays, accidents, or construction blockages. Even the commercial flying experience deals with long wait times, sudden cancelations, and occasionally unsanitary people or circumstances.

A general charter service can reduce most of these stressors, and jet charter services can eliminate some entirely. You don’t need to wait in a long queue or worry about poor customer service to reach the skies. Without additional stress, you can focus on your part of the corporate meeting and be your best self.

#3. Flexible Scheduling

When booking a commercial flight, you must be at the airport on their time. You move what you need to do around their schedule. However, when you charter a jet, many can work on your timetable, setting aside a pilot and aircraft for you.

If you aren’t a morning person and the meeting isn’t until the evening, you can accommodate your needs to be in top condition. Arranging jet transport tends to be easier and more lenient than scheduling with commercial airlines. You can always contact them directly with updates and other necessities.

#4. Reliability and Safety

Even the safest driver on the road cannot predict the actions of others, and the same is true for pilots in the sky. Air safety measures, modern technology, and professionally licensed pilots make jet travel exceptionally safe. Charter service providers also value consistent maintenance and vehicular care to keep their fleet in top shape.

Meanwhile, Uber or Lyft drivers cannot go for excessively long distances, and public transportation may be in various states of disrepair. You also have no way of knowing who the driver is or what their records are. Charter services do thorough background checks and vet their drivers and pilots to ensure your safety and care.

#5. Saves Money

As a corporate executive, saving money on transportation costs can allow you to budget for other business expenses. When you charter a jet, you can potentially cut out the need for a hotel or overnight accommodations depending on the location. You can also add meal services to your flight to reduce other food expenses.

Using a jet becomes even more lucrative if you travel with a group. Instead of booking several expensive and uncomfortable seats in a commercial airline, a jet can provide exceptional travel necessities for less. Working smarter, not harder, applies to both jet flight and corporate business.

Add Vitesse to Your Corporate Travel Plans

Vitesse offers worldwide travel with an impeccable fleet and luxurious customer service. With our corporate travel planning tips, you and your entourage can experience the best transportation services we offer.

Arrive at your corporate meeting in style when you charter a jet. To discuss your schedule and our fleet options or to learn more about our services, call Vitesse at (203) 327-9447 today.


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