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Every corporate executive needs efficient business transportation that caters to their unique needs. That’s why it’s essential to find a qualified chauffeur company that ensures a superior travel experience. Asking a transportation provider a few questions before committing to their services is a fantastic way to ensure you have the best travel experience possible during your upcoming business trip.

However, many businessmen don’t know which questions to ask their corporate chauffeur services, making it difficult to find a reliable company. Fortunately, Vitesse put together some efficient questions to ask a chauffeuring company before utilizing their services.

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Five Questions To Ask a Corporate Chauffeur Service

Every esteemed executive transportation provider needs professional drivers, luxury vehicles, and first-class commodities that guarantee a superior travel experience. However, corporate chauffeur services often range in quality and often don’t live up to their clients’ expectations. Understanding which questions to ask a transportation company beforehand will make your search faster and more efficient, allowing you to find the best service for your needs.

Below are a few questions to ask corporate chauffeur services.

1. What Are Your Drivers’ Certifications?

Every professional limousine driver needs several certifications to qualify for corporate transportation. Reliable chauffeurs will also have a clean driving record, extensive training, and vast knowledge of the city’s landscape to ensure passengers reach their destinations safely and on time. Also, ensure your driver has the following credentials before hiring a professional limo service:

  • A class D driver’s license
  • A chauffeur’s permit or license
  • A defensive driving certificate

It’s important to note that drivers need a chauffeur license in each state they operate in. For example, if you need your driver to take you to Boston from Albany, they need both a Massachusetts and New York chauffeur license.

2. What Are Your Vehicle Options?

Most corporate transportation services have expansive fleets consisting of several luxury vehicles. These vehicles typically range in size and offer unique advantages to enhance the passenger’s travel experience. For example, SUVs typically feature more interior space, while luxury limousines might have lavish accommodations traditional vehicles don’t offer.

You want a vehicle large enough to carry your belongings while accommodating your specific needs and expectations. Always ask your transportation service if you can look at their fleet before utilizing their vehicles. If its fleet doesn’t meet your standards, consider taking your business elsewhere.

3. How Do You Maintain Your Fleet?

Quality corporate transportation requires more than good-looking vehicles and top-shelf amenities. It also demands a well-maintained fleet that guarantees punctuality, safety, and comfort. A trusted chauffeur service keeps their vehicles pristine inside and out and performs thorough maintenance checks regularly.

Always inquire about the transportation service’s vehicle maintenance process to ensure they take care of their vehicles. Unmaintained vehicles aren’t reliable and are more prone to breaking down, making you late for important business meetings and company events.

4. What Do Your Travel Packages Include?

Many busy businessmen want to travel in the lap of luxury and purchase travel packages with various amenities. However, before buying a travel package, ensure it includes all your desired features. Travel packages vary from service to service and often carry different price tags.

Always thoroughly examine every travel package to guarantee they have all the amenities you need. However, keep in mind that lavish packages with numerous first-class amenities cost much more than basic variations. You want a quality package that balances your budget and needs.

5. May I See Your Proof of Insurance?

Every professional transportation service must have insurance to operate legally. A reliable company won’t hesitate to show you their proof of insurance to give you peace of mind. However, if a business refuses to show you its insurance, find another transportation company.

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