Optimizing Travel Spend With Ground Transportation Service

Optimizing Travel Spend With Ground Transportation Service

To optimize your travel budget efficiently, leverage ground transportation services. Book in advance, utilize loyalty programs, and opt for shared rides. Bundle services, set up corporate accounts, and use technology tools for cost-effective options. Maximize savings by negotiating discounts and analyzing travel patterns. Reduce expenses, centralize bookings, and negotiate for better rates. Choose shared transportation […]

5 Qualities of Reliable Ground Transportation


Ensure your ground transportation is punctual, reliable, safe, professional, and transparently priced for stress-free travel. Punctuality and Reliability When it comes to ground transportation, punctuality and reliability are paramount for a smooth and efficient experience. As a passenger, you expect your ride to arrive on time and deliver you to your destination without any hiccups. […]

Covering Miles in Comfort: The Advantages of Private Long-Distance Transportation Services


Whether you’re going on a business trip or traveling to see family, securing a mode of transportation is often the hardest part of any trip. Many people opt for a taxi or rideshare service, but private long-distance transportation services are the superior choice. Discover why an executive transport service is much better than the alternatives in this […]

How to Choose the Best Chauffeured Car Service Provider

How to Choose the Best Chauffered Car Service Provider

A chauffeured car service is a wonderful way to travel in style to special events like weddings and nights out. The service is also ideal for corporate traveling and airport transfers for business trips. No matter your reasons for needing luxury ground transportation with a professional driver, finding the right service provider to meet your […]

What Does a PAX Training and Certification Mean for Chauffeurs?

what does a pax training and certification mean for chauffeurs

Despite Connecticut’s small size, it is home to many black car services. Distinguishing the best private ground transportation from the rest can be challenging unless you know to look for PAX certification. Transportation companies that invest in PAX Training Certification for their chauffeurs care about their passengers’ safety, comfort, and ride experience.  Vitesse is one […]

Private Ground Transportation Services in Darien, CT

private ground transportation greenwich

Private ground transportation services are becoming more and more popular. These transportation companies offer a number of benefits to their clients, including the ability to travel to any destination in the world without the frills of commercial airlines. Private ground transportation services are often more affordable and convenient than commercial airlines, and they make travel […]


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Prior to joining Vitesse Worldwide, Csilla worked as tax accountant. She has extensive knowledge in financial planning and analysis and market trends. Csilla holds a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited international university, as well as her MBA from the University of Bridgeport. In 2015, she was nominated as CFO of the Year in Fairfield County.