How to Book a Limo Successfully

How to Book a Limo Successfully

If you’re throwing a party or attending a big event, you might be researching limousines. If you’re wondering how to book a limo and get the most for your money, keep reading. Vitesse provides professional and luxurious ground transportation services and wants to help you enjoy your experience in a limo. How to Book a Limo Use […]

How to Choose the Best Chauffeured Car Service Provider

How to Choose the Best Chauffered Car Service Provider

A chauffeured car service is a wonderful way to travel in style to special events like weddings and nights out. The service is also ideal for corporate traveling and airport transfers for business trips. No matter your reasons for needing luxury ground transportation with a professional driver, finding the right service provider to meet your […]

9 Travel Planning Tips for Your Next Corporate Event

9 Travel Planning Tips for Your Next Corporate Event (1)

Whenever you travel to a corporate event, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. Whether you need ground transportation services or a streamlined flight, consider these nine tips for corporate travel planning. 1. Create a Corporate Travel Planning Checklist Making a checklist is the most fundamental step in preparing for a corporate event. Your checklist should […]

The Difference Between Limo vs. Stretch Limo

The Difference Between Limo vs. Stretch Limo (2)

When renting a luxury vehicle with a professional chauffeur, a limousine is likely the first option to come to mind. Limos are the epitome of luxury ground transportation service with a long history of being the ride of choice for newlyweds, members of high society, executives, and other groups who prefer to ride in style.  The limo […]

Five Tips on Choosing the Best Chauffeur Service

Finding the best chauffeur service in Connecticut isn't always easy. Fortunately, Vitesse put together some efficient tips to find the best chauffeur service.

Having a professional chauffeur to take you to and from your destinations will take your next Connecticut trip to new heights. However, finding the best private transportation service for your needs isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Vitesse put together some efficient tips to help you find the best chauffeur service in Connecticut. Vitesse is one of […]

What Does a PAX Training and Certification Mean for Chauffeurs?

what does a pax training and certification mean for chauffeurs

Despite Connecticut’s small size, it is home to many black car services. Distinguishing the best private ground transportation from the rest can be challenging unless you know to look for PAX certification. Transportation companies that invest in PAX Training Certification for their chauffeurs care about their passengers’ safety, comfort, and ride experience.  Vitesse is one […]


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